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vCenter 4.0 U1 Performance Statistics w/ mix of ESX 3.5 and 4.0 Hosts

Configuration: ESX 4.0 U1 ESX 3.5 U4 vCenter 4.0 U1 Issue: Discrepancy between tracked metrics and “Statistics Level” set in vCenter.  For instance, Level 1 Statistics Level in 4.0U1 now includes “CPU Ready” in historical tracking.  In vCenter 2.5, this metric was only historically tracked @ Level 3.  However, this seems to only apply to VM’s hosted on ESX 4.0 AND vCenter 4.0.  If the VM is hosted on an ESX 3.5 system, then that metric is not tracked.  Another possible cause for lack of historical metric data may be that SQL jobs are not completing properly.  See SQL Job resolution section. Hypothesis: I’m guessing here, but this is likely due to the way ESX 3.5 identifies the metric to vCenter which is probably as Level 3.  Below is what you might see when looking @ a VM’s performance on an ESX 3.5 and 4.0 host. Examples: ESX 3.5 VM w/ vCenter 4.0 Stat Lvl 2: ESX 4.0 VM w/ vCenter 4.0 Stat Lvl 2: References: