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vCenter: Cluster Skip Quickstart Workflow via API

Summary: Basically, whenever you reset vCenter, you might end up w/ a warning on a cluster running vSAN that's just annoying.  To circumvent, this from alerting, you need to disable quickstart.  Easy enough via UI, but API is a little weird here. Details: For one, code capture doesn't seem to understand this.  So no help there unfortunately.  Secondly, nothing named "quickstart" is in the API, so made this somewhat annoying to try and find.  Seems like someone had this question on the VMware communities forum 2 years ago w/ no answer.   Someone asked me internally, so I had to dig into it. Basically, two things: You can create a cluster w/ quick start disabled from the get go by passing a false boolean to a parameter named: "InHciWorkflow" via API/PowerCLI call Secondly, to "skip QuickStart" on an already created cluster, you can call a method called: "AbandonHciWorkflow" So yeah, you can see how "quickstart" and "HCIWorkfl

NSX-T: Find and Delete Orphaned Ports

Summary: Basically had a bunch of orphaned ports (65000+), don't know why or how it happened (hypothetically NTP related), but needed to clean them up.  Doing it via UI was obviously not an option as it would only return 50 ports per page at a time.  Oh and it wouldn't refresh after every delete. Details: I'm saying 'orphaned', but in reality I'm only keying off the idea that the port is reporting "Operationally Down".  This could simply be a powered off VM, but there is little harm in deleting these type of ports as they will simply be recreated if that VM were to be powered up.   This may not apply in all situations, so use this with caution. Powershell Example(s): References: