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View Composer not deleting or spinning up VM’s…

Summary: When deleting VM’s from inventory, View Composer usually starts the job in vCenter within a few minutes.  In this case, it was not and restarting the View Composer service on vCenter didn’t fix it. Config: vCenter 4.1 View 4.5 Resolution: In this particular case, one of my View Connection Broker Replica servers had shutdown and the following logs were seen on my primary connection broker: Event Type:    Information Event Source:    VMware View Event Category:    VMware View Event ID:    102 Date:        10/25/2010 Time:        11:24:51 AM User:        NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Computer:    Primary Broker Name Description: The failed LDAP replication attempt to Secondary-Replica Broker Name can be caused by a firewall blocking communication between this server and Secondary-Replica Broker Name or if the server is down. By simply bringing back the secondary replica broker, the primary seems to have been able to continue w/ the jobs I had assigned it.  It seems that it was stu

Error upgrading VMware Tools.

Summary: When attempting an automatic upgrade of tools on a RHEL VM, the above error shows up w/ no additional details in vCenter tasks & events.  This is a possible bug as the following entries show up in the VM’s vmware.log:   vmx| TOOLS INSTALL Copying upgrader files from /usr/lib/vmware/tools-upgraders into guest at /tmp/vmware-root vcpu-0| TOOLS INSTALL Error copying upgrader binary into guest. success = 0, HgfsStatus = 1 Resolution: Confirm and/or create the path /tmp/vmware-root on the RHEL guest.  In my case, the /tmp/ mount was there, but the sub-directory vmware-root was not.  After creating it, the vmware tools were able to upgrade successfully.  VMWare has a KB that is somewhat related, but only mentions Windows.  I would expect VMWare to create the directory if it didn’t find it, but maybe there is some reason behind this.

Provisioning error occurred for Machine vmname01: View Composer agent initialization failed.

This error may also appear in View’s Event Log: “View Composer agent initialization state error (6): Unknown failure (waited 0 seconds)” View 4.5 Agent apparently still has an issues with the App-V agent or vice versa.  The “Application Virtualization Client” (sftlist) should be disabled or placed into manual mode on your Parent VM.  Rest of instructions on how to combat this can be found here: