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Posting last known good backup to vCenter Custom Attribute (NBU 7.5)

Thought this was kind of a cool function of Netbackup 7.5.  It has the ability to post last good backup date to a vCenter custom attribute.  Here is the article: The short of it is to simply add the extensions ( Register extension, Unregister extension, Update extension ) permissions to your NBU role on top of those perms listed here: and configuring vmware advanced attributes in netbackup 7.5+. <-- Pointed out by Michael in comments. Cause I forgot to add it.  -->

WinRM, https, Kerberos, and vCO Powershell Plugin 1.0.1

Summary: Pain in my arse.  I was able to make it work this way, whether this is the correct way to do it is most definitely up for debate.  I started writing this on w/ vCO PS Plugin 1.0, so some things might need work.  I welcome corrections. Details: WinRM by default only allows users that are members of the administrators. See here how to add additional users The only way I’ve been able to make this work in Orchestrator is if the service account I’m using is a member of the administrators group on the powershell remote host. It works via standard WinRM or Powershell so a bit puzzled as to why I get access denied errors from vCO.  Still researching...  :-/ Setup IIS Generate CSR from IIS Import CA generated CSR IIS Website -> SSL Settings -> Edit Bindings -> https://  -> Select imported SSL cert. Command Prompt (not powershell): winrm quickconfig -transport:https winrm set winrm/config/client @{TrustedHosts=”NameorIP of VCO host”} winrm set winrm/

Free Trip to VMWorld 2012

Free Trip to VMWorld 2012 Go here for details: The contest is sponsored by Veeam , Symantec , and Train Signal .