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NSX: Differences of NSX-V (NSX for vSphere) and NSX-T (NSX Datacenter)

While there are a lot of differences between the two underneath, the basic setup remains largely the same.  However, know that the Manager and Controllers are now combined.  You basically have a manager/controller cluster now instead.  Basically 3 VMs instead of 4.  The biggest differences start to come into play when you begin deploying components (N-VDS, logical switches, routers, etc.) after these steps.

With both, to start, you deploy the NSX Manager/Controller first.  NSX-V was ova only, NSX-T Manager has both ova and qcow2 (for KVM) appliances.  Going to focus on vSphere with vCenter available.

After the manager/controller node is deployed is where things diverge significantly.

Add "Compute Manager" (as of version 2.3)vCenter 6.5+Adding vCenter makes management overhead of adding new hosts easier since you've now effectively delegate that job to vCenter.With NSX-V this process is very similar except that NSX-V was tightly coupled to a single vCenter and only …

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