iOS: Sleep Focus activating on wrong time zone

Time is Relative
Time is Relative


For some strange reason, my sleep focus, was activating based upon my home timezone of EST while traveling to Japan and Australia.  My phone's timezone was correct as was my apple watch that is set to mirror my iPhone.


  1. Settings --> Privacy & Security --> Location Services
  2. Turn off Location Services
  3. Turn on Location Services

For a quick test, you can edit your sleep schedule in Apple Health to a time window the same as your original timezone to see it reactivates again immediately.  

For example:

9:30 pm EST = 12:30pm Brisbane

So if you set your sleep schedule to 9:30pm while it is currently 12:30pm in Brisbane, sleep focus should activate immediately if above location services reset was not done.

For some strange reason, I was not able to fix this by restarting iPhone.  Anyway, just thought I'd post since I'm likely to forget trying this.


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