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Misc: Technology industry new terminology initiative

Summary:I've been working in technology for about 20+ years now, so it'll be difficult for me to break old habits w/ terminology, but I'm posting this here in the hopes that I can continue to adjust to new dynamics.
Nothing really technical here, but if you happen to commit/modify code anywhere, here is a good starting point to adjust the terms you use in your code.  Also, a reference point to adjust your spoken vernacular to be inclusive to all those around you.
Information shared from the VMware vExpert program.
WordsRecommended AlternateOther Situational Alternates if Recommended Alternate does not workabortstop·cancel·halt prematurely·end prematurely·stop prematurelyblacklist·denylist (n)·block (v)deny (v)blackout·restrict (v)·restriction (n)outage (n)