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Misc: Technology industry new terminology initiative

Summary: I've been working in technology for about 20+ years now, so it'll be difficult for me to break old habits w/ terminology, but I'm posting this here in the hopes that I can continue to adjust to new dynamics. Nothing really technical here, but if you happen to commit/modify code anywhere, here is a good starting point to adjust the terms you use in your code.  Also, a reference point to adjust your spoken vernacular to be inclusive to all those around you. Information shared from the VMware vExpert program . Words Recommended Alternate Other Situational Alternates if Recommended Alternate does not work abort stop ·           cancel ·           halt prematurely ·           end prematurely ·           stop prematurely blacklist ·           denylist (n) ·           block (v) deny (v) blackout ·           restrict (v) ·           restriction (n) outage (n) kill stop halt master primary ·           main ·           original ·           control plane / control plane node