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Chrome: On MacOS downloads .OVA files as OVF's.

Summary: I must not download OVA's all that often.  When I do though, Chrome decides that "nah" you should name that into OVF.  Seems to be a long standing bug w/ Chrome and MacOS.  Not really a huge problem until a you try to import the OVA w/ the file extension of OVF. Error when trying to import: Basically the error returned when trying to import an OVA w/ OVF file extension: "Failed to open OVF descriptor" Workaround 1: Stop using Chrome...Haha, just kidding. On macOS, you simply have to enable "Show all filename extensions" in Finder.    You'll usually find this icon in your dock.  Probably the most under-stated/used icon in your dock. Once done, Chrome will download OVA's as is and not change it to OVF like a proper browser.  Honestly, if Chrome does it for OVA's it "might" do it for other file extensions as well.   Firefox and Safari don't have this problem , so if you use either of those, Bravo!