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VCM5034 - Troubleshooting w/ Log Insight and vCOPs @ Cox Communications Extras!

We unfortunately did not demo the vCOPs integration w/ Log Insight.  I did record those videos though so I figure I would share them here.  No audio, but just videos. Here we are demonstrating the 'context' awareness menu where you can select an object in vCOPs, in this case a VM, and jump into Log Insight w/ a pre-populated query.  It's only context aware from the aspect of object selection, meaning, the VM and the host it's running on, but imagine the integration possibilities. This second video just shows how you can make custom queries and just by aspect of those entries showing up, send an associated alarm to vCOPs for tracking/notification purposes.  The video shows you the idea of finding 'cloned vm' entries and having log insight insert those as a specific type of alert in vCOPs.  The video is poorly edited and is meant to show you the 'concept': Anyway, feel free to post comments here.  I'm always monitoring and willing to answe

Shameless TrainSignal Plug (Although their online courses are pretty good)

Top virtualization skills to boost your career - An infographic by the team at

VCM5034 - Troubleshooting w/ Log Insight and vCOPs @ Cox Communications.

My coworker Mike Regan and I submitted a session for VMWorld and we were accepted.  Our session is scheduled for Tuesday August 27th @ 11:30am.  Bring your lunch and see us demonstrate how we use vCOPs and Log Insight in our daily lives. Unfortunately Mike won't be able to make it, so my other coworker, Jason Davis, will be taking his place. We'll try to keep you entertained, but if you need to throw-up in the middle of our session, please step outside to do so.