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Powershell: Azure submitting JIT Request via Powershell

Summary: If you make use of Azure Security Center w/ your VM's, you can enable Just in Time VM Access (JIT) .  This allows you to open up ports for a finite period of time to access your VM via its public IP.  I make use of this a lot working in my environments to sshuttle in.  Connection will stay active as long as I maintain it, otherwise I get disconnected and have to go through JIT process again. Anyway, going through the portal can get very cumbersome requesting this access, so you can use the below powershell example to automate opening ports, setting time frame, and setting an allowed public IP address source.

PowerCLI: Getting HCL DID, VID, and SVID information.

Summary: Searching for IO devices on VMware's HCL list  is easier, if you have data like DID, VID, and SVID.  Thought I posted on this awhile back, but apparently forgot to do so.  Below is a script that you can run on an ESXi host to get those values needed for the PCI devices you are trying to look up.