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PowerCLICore: Docker: Case Sensitivity, script not running, errors.

If you've been using powershell for any period of time, you'd get used to the idea that it doesn't really care about casing.   PowerCLICore on Docker ?  Yeah, it's a casing nazi...sometimes.  Now this experience was seen on a Mac.  Unsure if Docker running on linux sees this. When working w/ cmdlets in general, you should fine.  However, if you were to query for commands related to a specific module like pester: You'd get a blank return.  Looking at modules available via: get-module -listavailable Will show that pester is capitalized as "Pester" so valid get-command is: get-command -module Pester Long story short, if you are having issue running a script or whatnot, be sure to check your cAsInG. Interestingly, once you do a get-command -module Pester successfully, powerclicore on docker magically doesn't care about casing after the fact.