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vCOps Enterprise 5 vApp LDAP bug? (One or more users already exist and haven’t been imported)

Summary: I had been having issues w/ our deployment of the  vCenter Operations vApp.  The Web GUI interface has two pages, https://vCopsServerName/vcops-vsphere and https://vCopsServerName/vcops-custom .  It seems vcops-vsphere simply uses vCenter privileges to determine whether you can login and what you can view.  vcops-custom however does not and has a separate set of permissions it uses to determine a user’s access authority.  They both however utilize the same useraccount table in the postgres database. Workaround: This KB contains the steps needed to workaround the LDAP import problem: Step 2 was incorrect as of this post date, it should read as follows: # su postgres # psql -d alivevm I’ve let VMWare and @VMWareKB know of the typo.  So it should get corrected. Details: I found that when I login into vcops-vsphere, it uses my permissions on VC and creates a user

Failed to deploy ovf package: Operation Timed Out

Summary: I’ve found this can occur when you attempt to deploy to vmfs w/ formatted blocks not equal to 1MB.  This only applies to vmfs 3.33 and earlier.  vmfs 5 or vSphere 5 formatted datastores should not see this issue as they are all formatted in 1MB block sizes. Workaround: Deploy OVF to a 1MB block sized datastore. Side Note: I’m wondering if deployment fails because the vmdk’s were originally created on 1MB datastore’s?