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ESXTOP in Mac Terminal looks funky…

Summary: Seems that terminal in Mac is configured in a fashion where esxtop does not display properly.  Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to fix. Example: This demonstrates what you would see when accessing esxtop in a default configured terminal session: Solution: Simply change your terminal emulator session from xterm-256color to ansi, by accessing terminal’s preferences, settings, Advanced, under ‘declare terminal as:’ Open up a new terminal session, run esxtop, and you should end up w/ what looks like this:

VMWare View Powershell useful cmdlet notes.

Summary: I’m just staring to put this together mainly for my own benefit, but if someone else finds this useful, then great.  I’ll be continually adding to this post.  If you’d like to contribute or if I got something wrong please feel free to leave a comment. Notes: Disable Provisioning in all linked clone pools: $pools = get-pool $pools | Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool -isProvisioningEnabled:$false Gets list of all View related cmdlets: get-command | where {$_.modulename -match 'vmware.view' } #Below is so you can include it into the #add-pssnapin.ps1 under your View installation directory function get-viewcommand {get-command | where {$_.modulename -match 'vmware.view' }} Gets list of pools, max number of VM's, and datastores associated: #Helps in making sure your pools are distributed across evenly among datastores. Get-Pool | Select Pool_ID, MaximumCount, DatastorePaths