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VMWare PowerShell FAQ

Found this great FAQ for using Powershell w/ the VI toolkit. Has lots of sample scripts for common tasks.

No Sound (Sound Device Modem Line) (Driver is enabled but has not been started)

Found this solution online, had to sift through to find it so thought it would be best to post it. 1. Check if Plug and Play Software Enumerator is installed on your machine (Device Manager / System devices) 2. If it is not continue to next step. 3. Locate "machine.inf" on your OS, copy it somewhere and modify it (find "ExcludeFromSelect=*" and remove the line or simply exclude it from processing by adding a ";" at the beginning) 4. Go to Control Panel /Ad HW and follow the wizard towards manual selection of device to be added 5. Select Add System device 6. Select Have disk... 7. Navigate to changed machine.inf 8. From the list select standard devices (in the left list) and " Plug and Play Software Enumerator " in the right list 9. Finish the Installation Here is the original thread: