No Sound (Sound Device Modem Line) (Driver is enabled but has not been started)

Found this solution online, had to sift through to find it so thought it would be best to post it.

  • 1. Check if Plug and Play Software Enumerator is installed on your machine (Device Manager / System devices)
  • 2. If it is not continue to next step.
  • 3. Locate "machine.inf" on your OS, copy it somewhere and modify it (find "ExcludeFromSelect=*" and remove the line or simply exclude it from processing by adding a ";" at the beginning)
  • 4. Go to Control Panel /Ad HW and follow the wizard towards manual selection of device to be added
  • 5. Select Add System device
  • 6. Select Have disk...
  • 7. Navigate to changed machine.inf
  • 8. From the list select standard devices (in the left list) and "Plug and Play Software Enumerator" in the right list
  • 9. Finish the Installation
Here is the original thread:


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting this info, it fixed my problem that was eating me up.
Unknown said…
No, that was related to VM images as I have resolved the issue by deleted .encoding top row from file.

Thank you very much.

but unfortunately I again stuck with Xen hypervisor dependency, that is related to VMWare as we can't run virtual machine on VMWare window server 2003---> VMWare server 2.0--> PIM-DEM images

Then I tired to run on window vista 32 bit but I failed to configure "virtual network editor" this was not work properly as APPLY button was not available & OK button was not enabling after made change in configurations.

Pl advise if we have any alternate with Vista as well.

Thanks in advance !

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