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VMWorld 2014 - Are you attending?

If not, I highly recommend you register.  Not only is it a fun time, it's probably one of the best 'training' experiences you can get.  In combination w/ the hands-on labs, you'll have access to some of the industries best known experts for immediate answers to your pressing questions.  VMware is also offering 50% off their VCP/VCAP examinations if taken while onsite. Registration Link: Letter to convince your Boss: VMUG Advantage Discount: By joining the VMUG Advantage program, you can take off $100 of registration among other benefits. For those who are attending: VMUnderground - VMWorld 2014 5k Fun Run - Recommended Session: INF1601 -  Taking Reporting and Command Line Automation to the Next Level with  PowerCLI Al

Swingbench, OEWizard.bat, and Java fun...

I'll keep this short.  Using Java 7 (1.7) seems to cause this issue: Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap Upgrading/Installing Java 1.8 "JDK" seems to fix the above issue.  Adding -Xmx<#>m would not fix the issue either. Anyway, figured I'd post this since I really couldn't find an answer to this bizarre issue.

Get-VIEventsFaster PowerCLI function...

[Update: Come to find out LucD wrote a Get-VIEventPlus function that I did not find before making mine.  He adds some other switches that might be useful, same idea though.  Just tells me I really should keep up on his blog more often.] I wrote this function so I could replace the Get-VIEvent cmdlet in my scripts.  The great part is that the output ends up being roughly the same as the cmdlet so just changing my calls to this custom function speeds everything up like 100-fold.  That might be an exaggeration, but yeah, it's WAY faster. It's written so that most get-vievent common switches are included.  Syntax is 'slightly' different, but usable so you don't have to modify any get-vievent calls too heavily.  I added a 'type' switch which will help shave off even MORE time.  Anyway, feel free to give it a try or let me know if you have any feedback. Finally, It's written like a cmdlet so you can import it as a module or dot source it.  I've inc