VMWorld 2014 - Are you attending?

If not, I highly recommend you register.  Not only is it a fun time, it's probably one of the best 'training' experiences you can get.  In combination w/ the hands-on labs, you'll have access to some of the industries best known experts for immediate answers to your pressing questions.  VMware is also offering 50% off their VCP/VCAP examinations if taken while onsite.

Registration Link:

Letter to convince your Boss:

VMUG Advantage Discount:
By joining the VMUG Advantage program, you can take off $100 of registration among other benefits.

For those who are attending:
VMUnderground - http://blog.vmunderground.com/
VMWorld 2014 5k Fun Run - http://download3.vmware.com/vmworld/2014/downloads/fun-run-info.pdf

Recommended Session:
INF1601 - Taking Reporting and Command Line Automation to the Next Level with PowerCLI
Always a hit!


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