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Linksys WRT600N and Macbook Pro

Summary: When assigning a SSID, be sure to assign a different name for your 5GHz and 2.4GHz spectrums. This also helps in differentiating which network you are connected to. Under "Applications and Gaming" --> "QoS", disable WMM Support. WMM Support seems to have a negative effect on Video Streaming if your wireless card does not have WMM support. So here is an interesting story. I recently purchased a linksys router, a one WRT600N. This router has the capability to host a 5GHz and a 2.4GHz wireless network at the same time. Cool, I thought, at least when I get a 5GHz card I can use it. Low and behold my mac can connect to the 5GHz spectrum. Anyway, I seemed to be having issues keeping all my computer connected at once. Any time my mac came online all my other PC laptop systems kept dropping off. What it came down to was the fact that I had named my SSID the same for both spectrums. Now mind you, I don't think that should normally cause a problem, but

VMWare Server Beta 2 (AD Authentication)

Was having issues getting my server to authenticate using AD credentials. What follows is what I did to fix it: Changed " VMWare Virtual Infrastructure Web Access " Service to start w/ a domain account. Now I can login using any designated domain account under my local administrator group. Couple of notes: Service account needs modify access to " \VMware\VMware Server\tomcat" <-- You could probably get more specific w/ permissions, but I'm too lazy to figure out what files it needs modify access to. Adding users or groups from my domain is still an issue, but with this I can add a local group to my system and add users/groups from the domain to the local groups to break down permissions if I wanted to. I also posted this to the VMWare community.

VMWare Server Beta 2 (64-bit)

Ran into an interesting issue trying to install Windows 2003 R2 64-bit on VMWare Server Beta 2 today. The server would boot up constantly saying that I did not have a x64 compatible processor. I had to go into the BIOS of my system and enable my processor's VT option before it would finally recognize that I was running a 64-bit system. System Specs: OS: Windows Vista Business SP1 64-bit Maker/Model: Dell Optiplex 755 Proc: Intel Quad Core2 Q6700 @2.67GHz RAM: 4GB VMServer Version: Beta 2 Build 84186

Grand Theft Auto IV and PS3

I just recently got Grand Theft Auto IV (GTAIV) and was suffering from what people were calling freezing problems. My particular symptom seemed to be that I would install the game play it for however long, then quit. When I would try to start again, the game would get stuck at the loading screen unless I would uninstall the game then reinstall again. Well this was unacceptable and the taketwo's advice was of little help. So I decided to think what could I do to try to fix this. Well, what makes my PS3 'different' from the norm: 160GB HDD USB connected 60GB HDD Memory stick inserted PS Eye Camera connected. So, can't do anything about that installed HDD, besides that shouldn't be a problem. Scratched number 1. I disconnected my USB HDD, cause well, that's just not standard. Took out the memory stick, cause well, that's not standard across all PS3. Low and behold, my GTAIV game has booted up successfully since I've disconnected these two things and