Grand Theft Auto IV and PS3

I just recently got Grand Theft Auto IV (GTAIV) and was suffering from what people were calling freezing problems. My particular symptom seemed to be that I would install the game play it for however long, then quit. When I would try to start again, the game would get stuck at the loading screen unless I would uninstall the game then reinstall again.

Well this was unacceptable and the taketwo's advice was of little help. So I decided to think what could I do to try to fix this. Well, what makes my PS3 'different' from the norm:
  1. 160GB HDD
  2. USB connected 60GB HDD
  3. Memory stick inserted
  4. PS Eye Camera connected.
So, can't do anything about that installed HDD, besides that shouldn't be a problem. Scratched number 1. I disconnected my USB HDD, cause well, that's just not standard. Took out the memory stick, cause well, that's not standard across all PS3.

Low and behold, my GTAIV game has booted up successfully since I've disconnected these two things and with no problems.


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