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Netbackup 7 Permissions needed to Backup VM’s in vCenter 4.x

Symantec will tell you that full administrator is needed to backup systems properly.  It is the easiest way, but I’m here to tell you that is not required.  There are two things that need to be done:
Create a proper security roleApply that role to the various different nodes in vCenterDetails: (Update to Role Perms can be found here.)
Role Permissions needed (we’ll call it Netbackup Role):
Privilege GroupPrivilege(s) to EnableDatastoreAllocate Space
Browse Datastore
Low level file operationsGlobalLicensesConfigurationAdd existing disk
Add new disk
Change resource
Disk lease
Remove disk
SettingsProvisioningAllow disk access
Allow read-only disk access
Allow virtual machine downloadStateCreate Snapshot
Remove Snapshot Next, you need to apply permissions to the correct nodes in vCenter:
Apply the Netbackup service account w/ the Netbackup Role to the vCenter Node.Propagate down if you want everything under the vCenter node to be backed up.  If not, then do not check the ‘propagate’…