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Powershell: NSX-V Edge Service Gateway (ESG) Firewall Rules Output

Summary: Basically had a script to output Distributed Firewall, but not individual ESG based firewall rules.  Turns out, I could re-use some of what I had made for DFW , but had to rewrite ALOT surprisingly.  So here is an ESG based version.  The script was written and run using Powershell 7 Core, latest PowerCLI and PowerNSX. It might work on other revisions, but I'm too lazy to back test.  You can export to CSV as well.

MacOS: Names not showing up in Messages/iMessages.

Summary: I'm usually texting via my Mac most of the time.  So when I receive a text from a known number and it's not translated/associated to a name, it raises questions for me.  Why?  Long story short, one of my accounts (gmail) in this case where most of my contacts are stored wasn't syncing properly.  Don't know why, but here is what you can look for to resolve the issue. Things to Check: Launch the Contacts App Preferences > Accounts Make sure all accounts are enabled In my case, one gmail account showed enabled, but this "fetch" dropdown was missing.  I had to re-enable this particular account in systems preferences for it to 'wake-up'.  See Step 2. Launch System Preferences Select Internet Accounts Make certain all accounts have "Contacts" selected If they are, as they were in my case, toggle the checkbox off, then back on. After fixing this, everything started syncing properly.  Unsure what cause