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VMware: Get CDP/LLDP info from ESXi/vCenter hosts.

Summary: Had to get CDP/LLDP long time ago and never posted it.  Hosted on for anyone to consume and manipulate how they please.  Definitely been useful and faster since it'll actually ignore disconnected nics. Also automatically adjusts for CDP or LLDP.  I 'think' I wrote this, but I borrow so much from Lam and LucD that they deserve credit for being so awesome anyway.

Misc: Navien NPE-240A Navilink App missing scheduling function

NPE-240A Summary: Just had a new tankless water heater installed in my house to replace a failing 22 year-old 50 gallon tank.  Couldn't be happier w/ my new tankless, but was dealing with weirdness on the Navilink app to control/view my new Navien .  The app's scheduling function (for the recirculation pump) was missing. Solution: NR-20DU Disconnect NR-20DU remote controller. (if you want to schedule via App) *DIP Switches need to be set properly as well. In my case, w/ a bridge valve in my furthest faucet, is considered "External Recirculation". Check w/ your plumber for proper settings, they set mine properly. If you are in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend Plumbing Express LLC . Ask for Jonathan DeWeese. For reference only, these were set correctly by my plumber for my setup. DIP Switch 1 Off, 2 On.  (Internal Recirculation would be the opposite) Parameter 18 set to On (This is to enable Navilink ) These settings are detailed out in t

Mac: Quick Screen Recording on MacOS (Bonus TouchBar Integration)

Summary: To launch screen recording w/ Quicktime Player feels really unintuitive.  I'm betting the average person has no idea this capability exists.  I often forget it's able to as well.  Reason being, when you launch Quicktime Player, it defaults to opening a 'finder' window for you to select a file to 'play'.  So here is a way to kind of "shortcut" access to Quicktime screen recording on MacOS. Solution: Launch QuickTime Player "Right" Click on QuickTime Player Dock and Select "Keep in Dock" Now with QuickTime Player in dock, you can "Right Click" the icon and select Screen Recording. Bonus: Macbook Pros with Touchbar will have a smart menu to select capture type.  You can select either full screen recording of each individually attached screen or "selection" which allows you to simply click and drag your mouse on any portion of the screen.