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PowerCLI/Powershell: vCenter Slack Bot

An OVF from Opvizor that gets deployed to any VMware environment for powercli slack integration.  Very simple deployment model.   Current Model: Appliance can currently only target one vCenter and one slack bot. Permissions are granted via account designated in OVF config.  (read only recommended for obvious reasons) all commands requested via slack bot run in context of this account. Multiple appliances/vCenters can target one slack bot.  (Ref.1 of two appliances/vcenter targeting one slack bot) Appliances can also be assigned to individually different slack bots.  (Ref.2 of two different slack bots) Both models can be achieved by simply doubling up OVF deployments.  One that targets a singular bot, while the other targets a default/catch-all bot. Utilizes powerclicore  so, there are limitations to what powercli cmdlets can be utilized and same limits that powershellcore may have too. References: ref.1 ref.2 Links:

Turbonomic/VMTurbo: Testing target port connectivity from appliance (network troubleshooting tools)

Summary: Attempting to troubleshoot IP and port connectivity issues on a Turbonomic appliance is a bit difficult.  The target configuration 'target status' doesn't really give enough information and the default toolset in the appliance ssh session doesn't provide telnet, traceroute, or netcat.  As long as your appliance has internet access, you can install these tools fairly easily though. Details: Quite simply, assuming nothing changes later, the appliance runs OpenSuSE.  You can make use of zypper to install the additional tools needed such as netcat, telnet, and traceroute: zypper install netcat-openbsd Usage of netcat is the same as ESXi which you can reference here  or use 'man netcat'. Installation of telnet and traceroute are a bit more straightforward: zypper install telnet zypper install traceroute Notes: These tools simply give you an idea of connectivity from the appliance's perspective. Traceroute can help you determine if anyt