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Misc: Amazon Fire TV Remote Home Button not working (but long press does!)

Summary: This happens to my Fire TV remotes randomly, and I'm unclear as to a specific cause.  Pressing the "Home" button no longer takes me to the home screen.  It's effectively dead, but a long press works fine.  Why?  Unsure, seems to be a bug that hasn't been flushed out by Amazon, but thankfully a post in Amazon forums by Tolga presents a possible workaround using adb. See this post on how to use/get adb and setup your fire stick to work w/ adb.   Then come back here for steps specific to this problem: Workaround: Connect to your fire stick using adb adb connect <IPAddressofYourFireStick> For example: adb connect If successful, you should see a return of something like this: connected to <IPAddressofYourFireStick>:5555 adb shell settings --user 0 put secure user_setup_complete 1