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Powershell: CPU Load Generator

Found this snippet online.
foreach ($loopnumber in 1..2147483647) {$result=1;foreach ($number in 1..2147483647) {$result = $result * $number};$result}
Works great, but only seems to hit a single CPU.  In order for it fully load all CPU's, I decided to augment it by simply having it launch a powershell window per CPU/Core found w/ the same script running in a loop.

Here is what I came up w/ below:
#$NumberofProcs = (Get-WMIObject win32_processor | Measure-Object NumberofLogicalProcessors -sum).sum #Updated based on anonymous feedback. $NumberofProcs= [int]$env:Number_of_Processors While ($NumberofProcs -ne 0) { $NumberofProcs-- Start Powershell.exe -ArgumentList '"foreach ($loopnumber in 1..2147483647) {$result=1;foreach ($number in 1..2147483647) {$result = $result * $number};$result}"' } For some context, I was using this script to force vRealize Operations to send a notification for anomalous behavior on a typically low use VM. Thanks anonymous! I'd cr…

vSAN Cost-Effective Architecture (For Desktops, almost there for servers)

So my esteemed colleague, Andrew Harding, brought this to my attention and the idea has kind of blossomed.  I thought it was rather clever approach to implementing VSAN in a cost effective manner.

The current line of thinking w/ VSAN is that you buy each host w/ the exact same disk configuration. In this way, with each host purchase, you not only get capacity, but you get additional I/O and CPU/Memory performance.
There are a couple problems w/ this model:
Additional vSphere license costAdditional VSAN license costAdditional Hardware SSD/Disk cost Being that VSAN does NOT attempt to keep VM storage data local to a host, you can augment your VSAN cluster w/ simple compute hosts that have no storage.  Meaning, if you don't have storage capacity or I/O performance problems, you can simply add another host that does not participate in the VSAN for additional CPU/RAM capacity.
Unfortunately, you can only circumvent the additional SSD/Disk costs.  You still need to purchase the vSphere …

vSphere Web Client (vCSA) stuck on authenticating

Related to vSphere 5.5 and vCenter Server Appliance.

Basically, when attempting to log into the web client I would get the following error message or the dreaded authenticating forever loading bar:
Could not connect to vsphere web client contact your administrator to fix this issue

Long story short, I did the following to fix my problem:

Switched to embedded SSO and back to external SSO.Honestly, this step may or may not have been needed, but I did notice errors in my SSO server logs.  You might try step 2 first just to see.Under the admin tab select Yes for certificate regeneration and hit submit.
Then switched back to no.Restarted Web Client Service.Details: Thankfully, I had another vCenter appliance attached to the same SSO server that was working fine.  So to troubleshoot, I looked at the virgo logs for the web client on the one that was working and that one that was not.  I noticed that my working vCenter Web Client would get a response back from the SSO server requesting a session. …