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Windows 7 Beta

Jumping back and forth between Mac (home) and Windows/VMWare (work) has been fun for the past 2 years. If I had my choice, I'd probably dump Windows at work to exclusively use Mac. Although, I'd been reading that the new Windows 7 addresses alot of gripes people had w/ Windows Vista (I use Vista 64-bit and XP at work). So I've downloaded the Beta and installed on one of my extra laptops. Laptop Specs: Intel Core Duo T2050 1.6GHz 1024MB RAM Intel Mobile 945 Graphics Not the greatest specs in the world, but good enough to trial Windows 7. Install was pretty straight forward, just like Vista. Once I booted into the OS, it was fast and zippy, more so than my Vista box when I first built it. The new windows explorer bar acts much like the Mac dock in that you can 'pin' your applications to it and when run it simply 'highlights' much like the Mac's 'dot'. The one up that Windows 7 has vs. Mac is that it stacks multiple instances in that one '

Set-OSCustomizationSpec Bug?

SUMMARY: Here are the required options for the "Set-OSCustomizationSpec" for windows custom spec script. $Creds = Get-Credentials Set-OSCustomizationSpec -spec * -domain "mydomain" -DomainCredentials $Creds -Fullname "Chris" -ChangeSID 1 Configuration: PowerShell 1.0 VI Toolkit Update 1 Build 113525 Full Story: I have several customization specs setup because of multiple networks segments. They are all pretty much identical in the way they are setup, except the gateway. It's kind of a pain to edit them through the GUI one by one, so I decided to try the "Set-OSCustomizationSpec" cmdlet. It's straight-forward for the most part, but seems to have some bugs associated with it. Here is the string I started with: Set-OSCustomizationSpec -spec * -domain "mydomain" This produces an error however, requesting that I also use the "-DomainCredentials" switch. My existing specs already have this information filled out, so it

Netshare App by NullRiver

Those lucky few who were able to swoop in and buy the NetShare app while it was online were lucky to get tethering capability w/ their mac. Sadly since the app was only released for a short while it seems that the app has it's downsides. Mainly being that I can only seem to get internet access using my iPhone through the Safari/Webkit browsers. The moment I try to use firefox or any other internet type of application, I get nowhere or it tries to save a file. Even setting up the proxy settings within the specific apps (where applicable) gets me no where. While $9.99 for free pseudo-tethering capability is pretty good, it just sucks that I can't use any other app besides Safari. Oh well, can't win them all I suppose.

Picasa for Mac at long last...

Get ready to kick iPhoto to the curb and begin using what PC users have been enjoying for a couple of years now. This was one piece of software that was killing my mac experience because going from Picasa to iPhoto absolutely sucks. A free photo management and editing software. Better yet, you can backup your photos by uploading to your Picasa web album, order prints online, make collages, and touch-up your photos with incredible ease.