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#freeITBM VMware ITBM Free? (Opinion)

So lately there has been more discussion around the office whether we should move workloads to the 'cloud'?   AWS being the obvious 800lb gorilla .  I recently attended an AWS Essentials training and came out of it really impressed w/ their offering.  So much so, I thought, 'yeah, it might be time to diversify out of my VMware only mindset.' That being said, 'cost' is a huge factor.  Not to mention security and a slew of other things, but we'll focus on cost being the topic.  How in the world do you calculate cost?   VMware  had Chargeback , but that tool was a pain and quite frankly useless.  Now they have ITBM which is a very simplified tool @ it's core, but has some pretty impressive capabilities. Amazon has a calculator , but honestly, I feel like that it is more than likely skewed in favor of AWS .  So this leads me to the idea that VMware needs to take the " Progressive " approach of 'compare' our prices to our competitor

Amazon Terms translated to VMware (How I understand them anyway)

Feel free to comment.  I'm just taking a simplified view. Amazon EC2 = VM or vSphere Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store) Volume = vmdk / RDM Amazon S3 = NAS / Windows File Share / NFS Volume / Etc. Amazon AMI = vSphere Template/OVF (Basic OS w/ or w/o applications pre-installed) Amazon RDS = Managed RDS DB (No OS or SQL server to manage) just DB instance. Amazon Cloudwatch = vCenter Operations Manager / HP Insight / SiteScope / Monitoring / Etc. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk = vFabric / Pivotal? Amazon CloudFormation = vApp /  VMware vCloud Automation Center  / VMware Orchestrator (Granular Blueprint)

Useful Powershell .NET method to convert DNS name to IP

Just thought this was useful, so decided to post it as a reminder for myself or anyone else really. []::gethostaddresses("") The reverse being: []::gethostbyaddress("") Here is how I used it w/ PowerCLI: $VMHosts = Get-VMhost $VMHosts | select Name, @{Name="IP";Expression={[]::gethostaddresses($_.Name)}} This information can be particularly useful if you need IP's for firewall rule tables. Source: