#freeITBM VMware ITBM Free? (Opinion)

So lately there has been more discussion around the office whether we should move workloads to the 'cloud'?  AWS being the obvious 800lb gorilla.  I recently attended an AWS Essentials training and came out of it really impressed w/ their offering.  So much so, I thought, 'yeah, it might be time to diversify out of my VMware only mindset.'

That being said, 'cost' is a huge factor.  Not to mention security and a slew of other things, but we'll focus on cost being the topic.  How in the world do you calculate cost?  VMware had Chargeback, but that tool was a pain and quite frankly useless.  Now they have ITBM which is a very simplified tool @ it's core, but has some pretty impressive capabilities.

Amazon has a calculator, but honestly, I feel like that it is more than likely skewed in favor of AWS.  So this leads me to the idea that VMware needs to take the "Progressive" approach of 'compare' our prices to our competitors and choose what's best for you using "Actual Data".  ITBM Standard should be free and open even for the vCHS service.

I can only see this benefiting VMware's image as a transparent entity in the cloud wars that helps businesses make the most cost-effective decision.  Even if it's not VMware.  Also giving this tool to the already entrenched VMware administrators/engineers/vExperts @ no cost can only empower them to show how cost-effective VMware is to the business.

If you agree, make your thoughts known.

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