View Composer not deleting or spinning up VM’s…


When deleting VM’s from inventory, View Composer usually starts the job in vCenter within a few minutes.  In this case, it was not and restarting the View Composer service on vCenter didn’t fix it.


  • vCenter 4.1
  • View 4.5


In this particular case, one of my View Connection Broker Replica servers had shutdown and the following logs were seen on my primary connection broker:

Event Type:    Information
Event Source:    VMware View
Event Category:    VMware View
Event ID:    102
Date:        10/25/2010
Time:        11:24:51 AM
Computer:    Primary Broker Name
The failed LDAP replication attempt to Secondary-Replica Broker Name can be caused by a firewall blocking communication between this server and Secondary-Replica Broker Name or if the server is down.

By simply bringing back the secondary replica broker, the primary seems to have been able to continue w/ the jobs I had assigned it.  It seems that it was stuck until it could finally talk to the secondary broker.  Strangely enough though, this was only 1 of 4 secondary brokers that was down causing my entire environment to screech to a halt.  A bug perhaps?


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