Misc: Fire TV Stick 2 Screen Cut Off, no display adjustment option

Long story short, Fire TV Stick (2nd Generation) doesn't allow you to calibrate the screen, software wise, forcing you to use your TV settings (if available) to fit the screens content within it's borders.  Super annoying for some apps, but you can fix this dumb issue as I was able to.

If your TV allows you to adjust its settings, then you'd be fine as well, but the Vizio I have, has no such setting.

  • First you have to enable ADB debugging (step 1 here) on your fire stick.
  • Next you'll need the ADB provided w/ Android Studio, or you can install w/ brew on the Mac.
    • I prefer brew cause it's easier, keep following steps described by Amazon page if you are using Windows.
    • Open Terminal
    • brew cask install android-platform-tools
  • Next find the IP address of your Firestick
    • Settings --> Device --> About --> Network
Steps after ADB is installed:
  1. Connect to your fire stick using adb
    • adb connect <IPAddressofYourFireStick>
    • For example: adb connect
  2. If successful, you should see a return of something like this:
    • connected to <IPAddressofYourFireStick>:5555
  3. Now to adjust, these settings worked for my Vizio VX32L:
    • adb shell wm overscan 65,40,60,28
      • This is what the values stand for:
      • wm overscan LEFT, TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM-Margin
  4. To see the changes you have reboot the stick:
    • adb shell reboot
  5. To verify after reboot go to:
    • Settings --> Display & Sounds --> Display --> Calibrate Display
  6. Repeat Steps 1-5 until your display is calibrated to your particular TVs personality.
Last comment by AmazingNick is what helped get me on the right path.

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