Interesting things these SMS Protected Distribution Points are...

Not sure if this is mentioned anywhere, but when you create a SMS Protected Distribution Point (PDP) with no boundaries, it seems to default itself as a Distribution Point (DP) for the subnet that it is located on.

For example, if the server has an IP Address of /24, the server becomes a DP for even w/ no boundaries defined. Until a boundary is defined, the server is just considered a DP for When a boundary is defined, then the server is marked as a PDP. Interestingly enough, even if the defined boundary is, the server then becomes a PDP for both and

This is at least what I have experienced/observed from SMS 2003 SP3, the DPInfo table, and Swimage in SQL.

[Update]: This may be a Swimage related issue only. Swimage may only be looking at the IPSubnets column of the DPInfo table to determine which DP it should pull it's packages from.


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