Bluetooth Dongle and Windows XP built-in management

  • Make sure the Bluetooth Support Service is running as "Local System" or an account w/ administrative privileges.
Ran into an interesting issue today. Just recently purchased this little AZIO bluetooth dongle for my work laptop. It came w/ software/drivers so I installed them. Don't know what it was about it, but the software ran like crap (high cpu, buggy connections to my phones). So I decided to drop back to using the straight Microsoft built-in management.
I had no issues connecting my phones, but was getting an access denied message anytime I tried enabling a service for my phone like DUN (Dial-Up Networking). I have admin permissions so a security seemed odd. Not sure if this is by default, but it ended up being that my "Bluetooth Support Service" was running as a "NT Authority\Local Service" account. As soon as I changed it to "Local System", everything was working


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