WRT600N Bugs..

  • WRT600N Firmware 1.01.36 Build 3 provides DHCP clients w/ DNS entries in a strange order.
  • ISP's DNS -> Router -> Your static DNS entries

By and large, I really like my WRT600N router. The thing is so dang versatile, but be warned it is not without it's issues. I'm currently using the latest firmware build 1.01.36 Build 3. There seems to be issues w/ the router's DHCP server. It issues DNS addresses in a weird order. It provides systems w/ the ISP's DNS servers as your primary and secondary, then the router itself as a tertiary, followed by any static DNS entries you've entered yourself.

For most people this isn't an issue, but if are doing any kind of home networking, this leads to issues resolving local system names. Since the first thing your clients try to resolve a name against would be your ISP's DNS servers. They wouldn't have the first clue where to find "mylocalsystem". Windows is pretty good about this though and can normally find your local networked devices without using DNS.

If you want to get to admin console that is web based, this is where the problems tend to occur. I have reported this as an issue to Linksys/Cisco, but have not heard back from them yet. Hopefully it'll be resolved in the next firmware revision.

It's being complained about on the forums too:


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