Virtual Center 2.5 Permissions to perform this operation was denied. Possible Bug?

Cloning, building, moving, a machine into a "Virtual Machines and Templates" folder within Virtual Center w/ complete Administrator rights causes permissions error above.
The issue simply boils down to that you are likely using AD groups to delegate permissions within Virtual Center. If so, one group has administrative privileges over the entire tree, while you've assigned another AD group a role w/ less access to a sub-folder in the tree. If your account happens to be a member of both groups, you've effectively denied your administrative rights over that sub-folder.

This may either be a bug or an intentional function. I'm thinking it's a bug.

Virtual Center 2.5.0 Build 104215
Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain

  • To workaround this issue, you can simply remove yourself from that other AD group, or create another account that is only apart of the administrative group of Virtual Center.
  • For a failsafe, create a local account and grant it administrative priviledges over your Data Centers. (Security risk, but at the same time, you'll be saving yourself some headache down the road)


Anonymous said…
I have had the same problem. It is without a doubt a bug in my mind.

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