VI3 Statistics Script

The script does the following:
  1. Grabs Number of Hosts per Cluster
  2. Grabs Number of VM's per Cluster
  3. Determine maximum number of VM's per cluster based on your determined ratio
  4. Current capacity % based on your defined max
  5. Total SAN/Datastore space per cluster
  6. Total SAN/Datastore space per cluster currently in use
  7. Total SAN/Datastore per cluster Free space.
  8. SAN/Datastore space currently in use per cluster in percent.
I'm still getting my feet wet w/ this Powershell thing, but I feel I'm slowly getting the hang of it. As one of my first fully written from scratch scripts, I'm kinda proud. It's an ugly beast that could probably written a lot cleaner, but it's my ugly beast. You'll probably want to copy and paste into PowerGUI for readability.


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