(Storage vMotion) Source detected that destination failed to resume.

I had to script migrate 130+ VM’s off a clariion SAN array because of SP utilization issues to a vMAX array.  All but 3 succeeded.  1 of which exhibited the below symptoms.  The other two were a MSCS cluster, unrelated to this post.
  1. Above message appears when attempting a Storage vMotion on a VM.
  2. Gets to 5% to 10% before above error appears.
  3. When VMWare’s KB1010045 does not apply as evidenced in my Summary.
Work Around:
  1. vMotion VM to another ESX host.
  2. Attempt Storage vMotion.
    • I have no clue why this worked, but whatever.  If this helps someone make their day a little easier then I’m happy.


Anonymous said…
I had similar issue, it was failing with same error when moving from a datastore TestSharepoint to datastore TestSharepointMay2010. I renamed the second datastore to TestMay2010 and it completed.
Anonymous said…
I was having the exact same problem. Mine would fail at 18%, but all other vm's migrated fine. I moved it to another Host as you suggested and tried again, but it failed at the same spot. After every other possible resolution failed, I decided to move it to yet another host in the cluster and this time I was able to sVmotion it! Thanks!

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