VM Infrastructure Powershell Summary Report v. 2.5


I've completely rewritten my original summary script for much faster performance (From 20 min. to approx. 3 min. in an environment running 60 Hosts, 1300VMs, and 181 Datastores).  Nothing much has changed as far as how or what it reports on, but here is a list of changes:

  1. Much Faster Performance.
  2. CSS can be used to change mouse cursor to hand icon for table header. 
  3. vCPU and Datastore Percent numbers to highlight ‘out of spec’ numbers in customizable variables now.
  4. Custom ico file specifiable. (icon to show up in supported browsers)
  5. Custom JScript specifiable. 
  6. Added some versioning

There is still plenty to be refined about this script, but it’s pretty fast and can give you an overall picture of how your environment is doing.  Plus, it’s a good thing to put in front of management to help them understand what’s going.  I run this script about every hour so I know when I need to allocate additional datastores.

It’s not part of this posted code, but I’ve added code to link cluster names to a more detailed report that shows host information about each cluster.  I’m working on the detailed report portion as it’s still rather cludgy.  Comments are appreciated. \(^o^)/

Click here to see an example of what the generated report looks and feels like. 

Here is the code: Get-SummaryReportv2.5.ps1


Unknown said…
Hi Im getting error datacenter DDTC was not found. This is beyond modifyable part so I did not touch it, but it seems like it is not correct
Zsoldier said…
Edit that line to read what your datacenter node is specified as in your vcenter.

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