Desktop Composer Error:VMware.Sim.Fault.AdAuthenticationFault

This particular error occurred when I was migrating my vCenter / vComposer server to new hardware.  There were 2 successive errors that would appear in View Manager that look something as follows:

  • Pool ::Unable to remove from inventory VM /DataCenter/vm/VDIFolderName/VMName - Failed to cleanup linked clone /DDTC/vm/VDIFolderName/
  • Desktop Composer Error:; Error Type:com.vmware.SviService.AdAuthenticationFault;Error FaultActor:null; Error code:{}Server.generalException; Error details:[Lorg.w3c.dom.Element;@1fc1ee1

Essentially the system was complaining that the vComposer account that is specified under Configuration -> Server -> vCenter Servers was not part of the local administrator group (Windows side, not vCenter) of the vCenter server.  This was one part of the issue, the other half were the QuickPrep accounts, the accounts specified need to have AD rights to create/modify/delete computer accounts.  If it is not able to, this error may occur as well.  In my case, the accounts were locked out.  I unlocked them, then re-entered the passwords for each quickprep account specified.

The Username specified here, must be part of the Windows local administrator group of the vCenter/vComposer server.

The Username(s) specified here, must have AD computer modify/delete/add rights.


Anonymous said…
Thanks. 60 vms showing 'error' now successfully rebuilding :)
Anonymous said…
This helped me to fix the AD environment. Great hint, thank you.

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