Create iOS like page using Powershell


I was simply bored w/ the standard directory listing provided by IIS and was inspired by a page I saw.  I decided to make one modeled after that one and automatically generated using PowerShell.  I added some tooltips and text below the images while I was at it.  I run this script now every 5 minutes on my server to have something pretty to look at before going to my ugly reports.

Anyway you can view a live example here:

I filled up the directory w/ copies of one html file just to show what page looks like when there are lots of html files.

Here is the Powershell script:

I utilized CSS for all images.  My next steps when I get time are to:

  1. Extract <title> tags from the html files in the directory and have them inserted into the tooltip.
  2. Preview the target report via a screenshot and place into the tooltip.
  3. Extract the apple-touch-icon tag to use the images as a link image rather than use a generic image.

Post comments if you have questions or suggestions.  I’m always interested in hearing them.


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