Emulex OneCommand Plugin for vCenter

This plug in adds an extra tab to vCenter that lets you manage your Emulex HBA/UCNA’s.  From setting drivers parameters to allowing you to apply firmware updates to your HBA/UCNA card.  To do so, you must install the CIM package onto your host and have a server for the Emulex OneCommand Software Plug-in.
  1. Windows Server VM(suggest 2008 x64 R1 or R2)
  2. Software Plug-in
  3. CIM Provider 3.2.x +
  4. vSphere CLI or vMA <— Needed to remotely install CIM provider bundle
  5. vCenter 4.1+
You can install the Emulex Software Plug-in on the vCenter server, but I suggest keeping all modules separate from vCenter if possible.
  1. Run the Software Plug-in installation.
  2. Install the CIM Provider on all hosts you would like to have onecommand management capabilities.
    • Place ESXi server in maintenance mode.
    • vCLI command is as follows:
    • vihostupdate.pl --server nameofyouresxserver --install --bundle \\path\to\elx-esx4.1.0-emulex-cim-provider-
    • Enter your root credentials, then reboot when prompted.
Once completed, you should be able to manage your HBA/UCNA devices in vCenter under the new Emulex OneCommand tab.
Side Note:
I went through this whole setup because I wasn’t able to update the firmware on a OCe10102-FX CNA using the standard OneCommand application.  My CNA was running 2.702.200.17 ( which for some reason caused my vKernel connection to not talk.  Upgrading to 2.703.397.13 (2.103.397.13) fixed this issue.


Anonymous said…
vSphere CLI libeay32.dll error on 64bit Windows 7 :


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