VMWare View for iPad “Desktop loading warning - Your desktop is loading too slowly.”


When attempting to connect to a VMWare View 4.5 environment via a Security server the following error is generated:

Desktop loading warning - Your Desktop is loading too slowly, please check your network

VMWare View for iPad is technically made for View 4.6, however, it will work w/ a 4.5 environment, just not connecting through a 4.5 security server.  So it’s a half-truth.


  1. Utilize VPN on your iPad. 
  2. Connect to a 4.5 Connection Server (not a 4.5 security server)
    • This can normally be achieved through step 1 or via your internal wireless network.


  1. Upgrade to View 4.6. 
    1. Easy if you are running Windows 2008 R2.
      1. Why 2008 R2?  This is the only to get PCoIP support through the security server. 
    2. A bit more complicated if you find yourself needing to upgrade the OS on all your connection/security servers from Windows 2003.


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