ESXi 4.x and Dell OMSA

Read a write up from Alan Renouf on the subject.  Was pretty clear up until the point where it’s mentioned that you must use ‘Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node’ as a proxy to access a page that you would normally see on a Classic ESX box (https://esxserver:1311).  This is to clarify how that is exactly done.
  1. Install OMSA on a box, normally vCenter is physical, so that would be your best server.
  2. Install OMSA VIB on ESXi server.
  3. Go to your vCenter’s OMSA URL (https://vcenterserver:1311)
  4. Click on the link that says “Manage Remote Node” (Version 6.5 pictured below)
    • DellOMSA
  5. The screen changes and asks for the ‘remote’ system you want to connect to.
    • DellOMSARemote


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