Hypothetical Cloud-Based ThinApp w/ View

The great thing about View is it’s simplicity.  Add into ThinApp, and you’ve got something awesome.  How do I setup ThinApp delivery and provide application level data persistence w/ geologically dispersed View hosted datacenters.  Easy.
  1. View 4.5+
  2. ThinApp 4.5+
  3. Some kind of DFS
  4. Some kind of NAS that does de-duplication.
  5. Active Directory
  1. Capture your ThinApp
    • Generate a MSI (streaming would be preferred)
    • Sandbox Location should point to your DFS share (which is hopefully on a deduplicated lun/nas)
      • Path should be something like this:
      • \\somedfsshare.local\%USERNAME%\
        • This will create a unique sandbox per user and persist their application information even on a non-persistent desktop.
    • Project Location is up to you, but I would generally also place this in a DFS share so updates can be replicated easily.
Once you’ve done this, you’ve essentially created a ‘cloud’ ready ThinApp that your VDI/View users can use no matter what View infrastructure (in your control) can access.  Hypothetically anyway, I'm still working out semantics.


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