Emulex VIB and Dell OMSA VIB w/ Dell Management Plugin for vCenter

Found this out when installing the Emulex VIB on an ESXi 4.1 host w/ the Dell OMSA VIB installed.  Apparently something w/ the Emulex VIB causes issues w/ the Dell OMSA install causing it to stop talking to the Dell Management Plugin for vCenter.


  • Install the Emulex VIB THEN the Dell OMSA VIB

  • Uninstall Dell OMSA VIB, reboot, then attempt install based on order above.
To uninstall a VIB from ESXi 4.1, you can use vCLI or TSM (Tech Support Mode).
esxupdate query  <--  This will return the installed VIB's and their bulletin ID which is need for removal.
esxupdate --b Bulletin_ID_of_VIB  remove  <-- This will remove the VIB


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