EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI 4.1)

Upgrading to VSI 4.1 is fairly painless if you followed my last post on 3.0.1.  You still have to do a couple things for it to work though.


  • VSI Installed on server system.
  • Reference last post for install instructions.  Overall same process.
  • Downloaded VSI Storage Viewer Plug-in 4.1 
  • Record IP's, username's, and passwords of your array connections.


  1. Upgrade the version on your server and upgrade the version on your system.
  2. Follow step 1 on my last post on the server.  (This is so your local system can connect to the server's solutions enabler service.)
  3. Once done, vCenter should show the new EMC VSI icon under 'Solutions and Applications'
Other Optional Components:
There are additional plug-ins that can be installed to allow self-service operations among other things:
  1. VSI Unified Storage Management
    • NaviSphere CLI required for block provisioning
    • UniSphere CLI required for VNXe provisioning
  2. VSI Storage Pool Management
  3. VSI Symmetrix SRA Utilities
    • This works in conjunction w/ VMWare SRM.
  4. VSI Path Management


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