RSA and VMware View iPad App

One of the nifty things about the current VMware View iPad App is it's ability to import a RSA token.  Unfortunately, the documentation on how to do this is a bit scarce.  These steps may work for Android too, but I don't have an Android tablet to test with.


  1. RSA Server 7.1 SP4 <-- This is what I tested against.
  2. View 4.5+ w/ RSA enabled.
  3. VMware View iPad application
Simply go to your RSA self-service page and request a new token.  If it's enabled you should have an option like this:
You'll want to select "I need a specific software token" then select "RSA SecurID Token for iPhone and iPAD/iPOD"

Once you or your RSA admin approve your request, you should get a link and activation code that looks something like this:

Joe, your new or additional software token request has been approved with the following comments from your administrator:
RSAAdmin: approved
Please ensure that the RSA SecurID application is installed on your device before attempting to import your software token.
Download the SecurID Application: com.rsa.securid://ctkip?url=https://yourRSAServer:7004/ctkip/services/CtkipService

How To Import Your Software Token ( true ) Please follow the instructions provided by your administrator to import a token using the following information:
Link: https://yourRSAServer:7004/ctkip/services/CtkipService
Activation Code: 0000000000000

To import the software token into your iPad View app, you can copy the simply change the link that is prefixed w/ com.rsa.securid to viewclient-securid.  So the link would look something like this instead:

When you type/copy/paste this link into safari, it should open up the view ipad client and ask for you activation code.

Once done, you will be able to simply type your PIN for RSA credentials.


Phil said…
We do not have wireless at our organization and our RSA server is on the LAN. Do you have any tips on how to do this?
Zsoldier said…
You'll need to make your RSA server's self service console available via external methods

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