Symantec and vExpert event

Many moons ago back in April, I and several other vExperts were invited to Symantec HQ for an executive briefing.  What I thought was just going to be a sales pitch, turned into a deep discussion around virtualization philosophy and technical discussion around Symantec’s many products.  Hit the link to read more if you are interested in my experience.

To say the least, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Symantec was genuinely interested to hear our thoughts not only around their own products, but about purely virtualization topics.  I can say from the demos, especially netbackup, I was thoroughly impressed w/ the level of thought and precision behind their technologies. 

3 things came up that I found most intriguing and encouraging:

  1. Netbackup’s evolution
  2. Storage Vendor-agnostic dynamic multipathing
  3. Symantec AV <—Agent vs. Agentless turning to Agent ‘and’ Agentless

I was still unimpressed w/ Application HA’s presentation, especially as an experienced sys admin.  However, I did get an inkling of a feeling that there is much more to Application HA than what most presentations demonstrated.  I plan on keeping in touch w/ their rep around this tech.  I’ll post their twitter handle when I find the business card somewhere in my mountain of junk.

Anyway, other than the presentations and tech demos, it was a huge pleasure to meet some very excellent members of the vExpert community. 

Here are their twitter handles and my brief non-helpful overly sarcastic attempt @ humorous descriptions:


@mpoore Brits just sound smart to me and hilarious when they curse.
@vSential Has lots to say, always…
@virt_pimp Unique twitter pic
@hashmibilal Does actually look like his 8-bit pic or would that be 16-bit?
@coolsport00 Way too in shape.  I’m jealous.

Less sarcasm, more descript based on Twitter profiles:


@JordanPusey Symantec Alliance Marketing, VMware Alliance
@kmitchel Symantec NetBackup Product Marketing Manager interested in conversations around virtualization and backup
@SymRenRPM Senior Regional NetBackup Product Manager for Symantec
@abdulRasheed127 Specializing in storage, data protection and virtualization. Carlson Executive MBA student at U of M. Gopher fan! Technical marketer at Symantec
@symantec Official Symantec Twitter Account


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