Posting last known good backup to vCenter Custom Attribute (NBU 7.5)

Thought this was kind of a cool function of Netbackup 7.5.  It has the ability to post last good backup date to a vCenter custom attribute.  Here is the article:

The short of it is to simply add the extensions (Register extension, Unregister extension, Update extension) permissions to your NBU role on top of those perms listed here:
configuring vmware advanced attributes in netbackup 7.5+.
<-- Pointed out by Michael in comments. Cause I forgot to add it.  -->


Michael said…
by 'custom attribute', does that mean an entry in the annotations field of each VM?

Michael said…
awesome, didn't know this functionality existed.
found the info after digging a few more links in on symentec's site

thanks for the tip!

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