Learning PowerCLI by Robert van den Nieuwendijk

Don't ask me how to pronounce Robert's last name.

The great thing about Robert's approach is that he takes the time to point out some basic powershell syntax outside of PowerCLI. You are then soon driven into some very useful cmdlets to extract information from your vSphere environment using Powershell and vSphere's PowerCLI cmdlets. There were a couple of areas of concern where a lack of explanation on certain things lead to a hmmm? moment, but overall an excellent book for a vSphere admin looking to use PowerCLI. For me as a technical person, I like the 'straight to the point' approach. This book is filled w/ little text and more usable script examples for me to get my job done as an admin/engineer.

For full disclosure, I was given this book to review, but was not compensated beyond this. I also have met Robert before, but that in no way has an affect on my review of this book. The above review reflects my honest opinion. You can find this book on http://www.packtpub.com/learning-powercli/book and Amazon.


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