VMware vSphere Profile-driven Storage Service not starting/running...

Really a benign error especially if you don't use the function, but quite annoying if vCOPs is looking @ vCenter health.

In my case, it appeared as though the vSphere Web Client service was conflicting w/ this Profile-Driven storage service.

  1. Stop vSphere Web Client service
  2. Start VMware vSphere Profile-driven Storage Service.
  3. Start vSphere Web Client service.
For some reason this works and the web client seems to have a bit more intelligence in choosing ports  to connect to rather than the storage service which gives up the second a port it tried is in use.  Probably a hard-coded thing.

Other Notes:
If you are using the vSphere web client (which I wouldn't even bother with until 5.5 or newer), then it might make sense to install it on a different server to mitigate this issue.  Another possibility is to set its service to a delayed start.


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